Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique and a Registered Movement Educator since 1995. She is also a practicing artist having received a B.F.A. in painting from American University in 1983.

In addition to her lively private practice in Philadelphia, Anne teaches the Alexander Technique at the Boyer College of Music of Temple University (2006-present) helping musicians prevent injury and improve their performance skills and quality of expression. She has worked with students in the M.F.A. Creative Writing program at Rosemont College, helping develop literary characters through a deeper understanding of human movement, coordination and expression and has given workshops on The Embodied Vessel: Mind/Body Awareness and the Creative Process in the Art Department at Swarthmore College. She also presented a workshop on The Architecture of the Mind and Body, to Woman in Design at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Anne is a Teaching Member of the American Society of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), presenting at the 2016 AmSAT Annual Conference and General Meeting, Minneapolis, MN and the 10th International Alexander Technique Congress, Limerick, Ireland, 2015. She has been a guest teacher at the Alexander Alliance in Japan and the Alexander Technique Centre in Ireland.

Anne finds joy merging her knowledge as a teacher of the Alexander Technique and her experience as an artist with her passion to support and develop the creative potential in all students.