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Temple University is the official home of
The Dorothy Taubman Seminar in the United States

The Dorothy Taubman Seminar was founded in May 2003. The Co-Directors are Maria del Pico Taylor and Sondra Tammam. The Co-Founders Maria del Pico Taylor, Sondra Tammam, Father Paul Maillet and the late Eleanor Hancock developed the Seminar as an event to offer "hands on" training as well as Master Classes with Dorothy Taubman.

The mission of this seminar is to teach the principles of The Taubman Approach under the guidance of Dorothy Taubman, Visiting Professor of Piano at Temple University, and celebrated innovator of revolutionary concepts and principles in the art of piano playing. The seminar is the only one of its kind sanctioned by Dorothy Taubman. The wealth of her ever growing research, both in piano technique and on interpretation of the musical score is presented to the public at seminars and workshops internationally by the Faculty.

Upcoming Special Events

2015 Dorothy Taubman Seminar

The Dorothy Taubman Seminar 2015 at Temple University is coming soon!
Registration information will be posted
as more information becomes available.

Please stay tuned!!!
For more information contact

Rock Hall, Temple University
1715 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

The Dorothy Taubman Seminar gratefully appreciates our sponsors


Completed Events

May 19 - 24, 2014

2014 Dorothy Taubman Seminar

2014 Group Picture

2014 Group Picture

Participants at the wonderful session of the Dorothy Taubman Seminar
Temple University
May 2014

The Dorothy Taubman Seminar 2014 at Temple University is ready!!!
Registrations are coming in very fast and we are almost full.
Please click on the brochure and on the pre-registration form
for further information.

Rock Hall, Temple University
1715 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

2014 Seminar Pre-Registration Form

2014 Seminar Brochure

The Dorothy Taubman Seminar gratefully appreciates our sponsors


June 3 - 8, 2013

2013 Seminar Poster

This year Temple University is the home of The Taubman Seminar. In celebration of this momentous occasion, four exciting new events featuring outstanding guest artists are scheduled:

The Taubman Approach Using Disklavier Technology

Taubman Seminar 2013 introduces Dr. Angelin Chang as a special guest faculty member using Disklavier® technology with the Bösendorfer piano and video synchronization, you will be able to play back your performance directly from the piano. This audio and visual media will afford you to appreciate how your motion affects sound and how effectively the Taubman Approach improves your piano playing.

Hands-on performance and pedagogical use of technical applications will be demonstrated. Bring your most challenging technical excerpts to this session. Those new to the Taubman Approach are most welcome.

The Art and Science of Piano Pedaling

This session is presented by Dr. Charles Abramovic, Interim Chairman of the Keyboard Studies Department at Temple University. He will be presenting a session on the proper use and form of piano pedaling and on how it interacts with the Taubman approach.

The Piano as a Machine: What Pianists Need to Know

Richard Galassini is an active performer, and co-owner of the Cunningham Piano Company. He will present a session on the mechanics of the piano and what is important for pianists to be able to perform better.

Piano Recital

João Paulo Casarotti, a Brazilian pianist and pedagogue,will present a piano recital to comemorate the Taubman approach in modern piano recitals.

To make your reservation, kindly complete the form below.

2013 Seminar Reservation Form (includes fee and registration information)

2013 Seminar Brochure

The Dorothy Taubman Seminar gratefully appreciates our sponsors


Saturday April 6, 2013

Leschetizky Association Concerto Competition Finals

Sondra Tammam - Judge

211 West 58 Street
New York City, New York

America’s foremost piano pedagogue
passes away at the age of 95

August 16, 1917 – April 3, 2013

Dorothy Taubman was the founder and director of the Taubman Institute and developed what became known as the internationally famous “Taubman Approach" to piano playing. "Playing the piano should feel delicious", said Dorothy Taubman. "The body is capable of fulfilling all pianistic demands without a violation of its nature if the most efficient ways are used; pain, insecurity, and lack of technical control are symptoms of incoordination rather than a lack of practice, intelligence, or talent", Mrs. Taubman concluded. For many years, Taubman directed the Dorothy Taubman Institute of Piano at Amherst College and Williams College in Massachusetts and was a former professor at the Aaron Copland School of Music and at Temple University.

Maria del Pico Taylor, Co-Director of the Taubman Seminars, met Dorothy Taubman in 1976 at the inaugural Dorothy Taubman Institute of Piano hosted by the Institute for Man and Science in Rensselaerville, NY. Maria said, “I fell in love with her right away, with her spirit, her contagious love of music and life, her warmth, her sense of humor, and of course, her genius. She was truly unique in every way. I came back home convinced that we needed to bring the Taubman Approach to Philadelphia and to Temple University and we did. The rest is history as she eventually became a Visiting Professor of Piano at our school, and Temple is now the home of the Taubman Seminar."

We worked together ever since but, in the process, she also became my dearest friend, my inspiration, my musical Mom. She was an incredible but unassuming pianistic genius whose enormous contribution to music will bless the music profession for years to come. Regarding piano technique, she was the ultimate problem solver, always finding pianistic solutions based on profound knowledge. Her artistry and musicianship were also of the highest caliber. Thank you, Mrs. Taubman, for sharing your love and your knowledge with us and with our students. You will be deeply missed and you will live in our hearts forever...

Sondra Tammam, Co-Director of the Taubman Seminars recalls that Dorothy Taubman had the unique ability to merge the intellectual and spiritual with the “how to” in playing the piano. Dorothy knew that her talent was to research and explore. She also knew that she was a maverick and chuckled when I told her! Her innovative concepts will continue to enable pianists to find answers. She inspired me to hear music in a totally different way. So often she would say that she worked to solve technical problems to create beautiful music. I know her legacy will live on. Her passion for her work will inspire pianists for generations to come. Mrs. Taubman was an inspiration to all of those who knew her. I was so fortunate to have her as my mentor, teacher, and friend for over 30 years. Thank you, Dorothy, for all you have given me. You will be greatly missed.

A tribute to Dorothy Taubman who truly transforms the pianists approach to performance and pedagogy ... MORE

Fade Away

Sunday March 24, 2013

New Jersey Music Teacher's Association (NJMTA)
Spring Piano Auditions

Maria Hubler - Judge

Westminster Conservatory
Princeton, New Jersey

Sunday March 24, 2013

World Piano Competition

Maria del Pico Taylor, Judge

The Curtis Institute of Music
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

March 14, 2013

NJ Teen Arts Festival

Sondra Tammam - Judge

Union College, New Jersey

Sunday March 10, 2013

New Jersey Music Educators Association (NJMEA)

Maria del Pico Taylor - Judge

Rowan University
Glassboro, New Jersey

February 24, 2013

New Jersey Music Teacher's Association (NJMTA)
Spring Piano Festival

Maria Hubler - Judge

Westminster Conservatory
Princeton, New Jersey

February 10, 2013

Music Fest Competition

Sondra Tammam - Judge

Carnegie Weill Hall at Westminster Choir College
Rider University
Princeton, New Jersey

January 2013

Georgia State Convention

An Introduction to the Taubman Technique
What Creates the Spanish Sound
Master Classes

Maria del Pico Taylor, Co-Director Taubman Seminar
Convention Clinician

Archived Events

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