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Photo Credit: Dorothy Taubman - Dorothy Taubman Institute/New York Times



Dorothy Taubman spent more than fifty years of study and research in the field of piano pedagogy. Her ideas on interpretation were as penetrating as her approach to technique. Her master classes stressed how to blend each composer's intent and style with the performer's capabilities and individuality. She had an International reputation for revolutionary concepts and principles on the art of playing the piano.  The New York Times described her as a "doyenne of the master class who understands a lot about how people play the piano."  She directed the Dorothy Taubman Institute on Piano at Amherst College from 1972 to 2002.

A natural and powerful technique, the Taubman Approach liberates pianists to play effortlessly, unburdened by physical limitations. Based on principles of physiology and coordinated motion, the Taubman Approach enables pianists not only to unravel technical  complexities that might block artistic expression, but also to avoid fatigue, pain and injury. Performing artists, students and teachers can discover the power of Dorothy Taubman's technique through a full range of instructional venues.

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